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 How to login at your DirectAdmin control panel

Hostdeko uses the widely used DirectAdmin control pannel that allows you to easily manage all...

 How to visit your website before it resolves

It is possible to visit your website before it actually resolves to the Hostdeko servers.Windows...

 I have an issue with my website, who will fix it?

To be translated.

 What happens when I reach my traffic limit?

Hostdeko will not immediately suspend accounts that reach their traffic limit. Instead a warning...

 What happens when I run out of Disk Space?

When you reach your Disk Space limit you will no longer be able to upload new files. Trying to do...

 What is the difference between edge and stable servers

Hostdeko is often innovating it's hosting platform. Therefore we have different servers. Edge...

 When is my server offline for maintenance?

Hostdeko uses monthly scheduled maintance to keep our servers secure and fast. You can check when...