How to login at your DirectAdmin control panel

Hostdeko uses the widely used DirectAdmin control pannel that allows you to easily manage all hosting related services. For example:

  • Create Mysql database
  • Filemanager
  • Create E-Mail accounts
  • Create E-Mail forwarders
  • Subdomain Management
  • Create/Restore backups
  • FTP management
  • Site statistics
  • and much more

There are two methods of logging into your control panel.
1: Automatically login using My Hostdeko

  1. Login at MyHostdeko
  2. Navigate to Services
  3. Click your hosting plan
  4. Click the button "Login to DirectAdmin"

You will now be automatically logged into DirectAdmin.

2: Manual login with username and password
When your account was created you received an e-mail titled "Hostdeko Login Details for Your new Hosting Plan". This email contains information regarding your DirectAdmin control panel URL, username and password.

  1. Find your welcome email
  2. Visit the url of directadmin which is structured like this: https://servername:2222
  3. Login using your username and password (provided in the email)

Feel free to contact support if you encouter any issues.

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