Need extra help with your services? We are here for you

Standard fees for frequently recurring extra support. Custom offers available through sales. For small changes we recommend prepaid support.

WordPress Install with SSL

We will install a clean WordPress including Let's Encrypt SSL Security.

WordPress SSL Upgrade

Secure an existing WordPress installation with SSL. We will create a b ackup, install a (free) SSL certificate, convert your website to use HTTPs. Inclused a free let's encrypt certificate and 30 minutes of troubleshooting.

Website Import Service

Need your website transferred? We can help you import, copy, duplicate, clone, etc.

Restore from off-site backup archive

Forgot to make backups? We can use our backup archive to do a full account restore from backups up to 12 months old.

Malware cleanup

Infected with malware? We can execute a cleanup or a recovery from our offsite archive.

Mailbox Copy Service

Get your mailbox copied from your other host to Hostdeko, or vice-versa.

Outlook configuration and testing

We will connect to your computer remotely and configure and test Microsoft outlook to connect with an email account of your hosting plan.