Okt 7. Changes to domain registration and combined invoice

We have changed the way we register domain to make it possible for clients to create a combined invoice for all their domains. How does this work? We invoice the domain 30 days before the 'real' expiry date We create invoices 14 days before the due date In total this means a customer will have about 6 weeks to pay their invoice As soon as ... weiterlesen »

Jul 28. MyHostdeko update july 2019

Today MyHostdeko has been updated. These are the primary improvements: New features: Implemented  Google recaptcha v3: Removes the need to check the 'I am not a robot' box for most users for login, tickets, etc. Namespinning for domain registration: Adds suggested domains when the domain you searched for is not available at ... weiterlesen »

Mai 3. Hostdeko en Myhostdeko moved to new server

Today Hostdeko and MyHostdeko services have been moved to a new faster server. The new server is not only faster, the OS was also updated. We will be monitoring the stability closely.