mars 25 Clients are now able to unblock ip bans

Starting march 2019 client have the ability to unblock banned ip adresses from failed login attempts.

How to unblock
If you end up on the server ip ban list then all you have to do is simply visit your own website, or webmail. The blacklist notification page that is displayed will now include a link that will allow you to unblock your IP.

mars 21er IPv6 support

Ipv6 supported has been implemented on all Pro plans. Cloud plans will receive ipv6 support in the near future.

janv 1er HTTP2 accelartion on all hosting plans

From now on all hosting plans will support HTTP/2.What are the main advantages of HTTP/2? Faster Web Page Loading Speeds Mobile-friendly Better Security  Compatible with HTTP/1.1 How can I enable HTTP/2 on my website?HTTP/2 will be enabled by default. When a visitor is using a browser with HTTP/2 support your website will automatically ... En savoir plus »