How to combine domain invoices

How to get a single invoice for multiple domains

All our products that have the same due date will receive a combined invoice. For domains this usually does not happen because different domains can have different due dates. You can work around this by simply renewing the domains early.

  1. Login to your MyHostdeko account
  2. Go to My Domains>Domains
  3. Select all domains you wish to get a combined invoice for
  4. At the bottom of the page choose "With selected>Renew Domains"
  5. Add the domains to cart
  6. Go to checkout
  7. Now pay the invoice
  8. Upon payment all chosen domains will get their future due date extended with exactly one year.


In 2019 customer Eric has 3 domains he wishes to get a single invoice for:

  • with a due date of 01/05/2019 for $10
  • with a due date of 22/05/2019 for $10
  • with a due date of 01/11/2019 for $10

If Eric uses early renewal on all three domains he will get a single invoice for $30. His new dates will be:

  • with a due date of 01/05/2020
  • with a due date of 22/05/2020
  • with a due date of 01/11/2020

Because for 2019 there are no invoices due he will not receive any more single domain invoices.

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