Mails not arriving at Hotmail, Outlook, Live or MSN

Issue: You are sending mails from your domain but the receiver says he is not receiving the mail or it is in spam/unwanted.

Cause: Microsoft has implemented a new smartscreen filter that is shared between Outlook, Hotmail, MSN and live. Unfortunately this smartscreen filter can cause issues by hiding legitimate emails. To prevent this from happening please make sure you have added your domain to the contact list of the receiving party at Microsoft.

Solution 1: Have the receiving party at Outlook/Hotmail/Live/MSN add your mailbox to his contact list

Solution 2: Have the reciving party at Outlook/Hotmail/Live/MSN send you a mail, then reply to this mail

In both cases the smartscreen filter will now learn that this correspondence is okay and the issue should resolve itself. A combination of solution 1 and 2 will provide a direct remedy. If you do this often enough your domain will build a better reputation over time reducing the need for this workaround.
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