PHP 7.4 available on all servers

PHP 7.4 is now available on all servers. PHP 7.4 has some improvements and will receive security updates untill 28 Nov 2022. Keep in mind that PHP 7.3 is still the default version. If you wish to use this PHP version you will need to override the PHP version. If you wish to change the PHP version please check here How to change PHP version - ... En savoir plus »

15 mars 2021
Php 7.3 is now default

We have updated the default PHP version from 7.1 to 7.3. This change is live on Cloud and Power servers. Pro servers will follow soon. Why do we change the default PHP version? PHP 7.1 has been declared End of Life and will no longer receive security updates. Can I still use the old PHP version? Yes you can change the active PHP version from ... En savoir plus »

24 juin 2020
Changes to domain registration and combined invoice

We have changed the way we register domain to make it possible for clients to create a combined invoice for all their domains. How does this work? We invoice the domain 30 days before the 'real' expiry date We create invoices 14 days before the due date In total this means a customer will have about 6 weeks to pay their invoice As soon as ... En savoir plus »

7 oct 2019
MyHostdeko update july 2019

Today MyHostdeko has been updated. These are the primary improvements: New features: Implemented  Google recaptcha v3: Removes the need to check the 'I am not a robot' box for most users for login, tickets, etc. Namespinning for domain registration: Adds suggested domains when the domain you searched for is not available at ... En savoir plus »

28 juil 2019
Hostdeko en Myhostdeko moved to new server

Today Hostdeko and MyHostdeko services have been moved to a new faster server. The new server is not only faster, the OS was also updated. We will be monitoring the stability closely.

3 mai 2019
Ipv6 support finalized

Our cloud servers now support IPv6. Our own and our pro servers were already upgraded to support IPv6 earlier this year.

27 avril 2019
New invoice numbers and combined invoicing

We have improved our invoicing systems. From now on a six-figure number is used in our invoices. This allows accounting software to more easily recognize our invoices. New hosting plans will always be invoiced on the first of the month. This benefits customers with multiple hosting plans as invoices will automatically be combined into a single ... En savoir plus »

26 avril 2019
More speed with PHP 7.1 support

All pro servers are now equipped with PHP 7.1 support. PHP 7.1 is a bit faster then its predecessor. PHP 7.0 is declared end-of-life and stopped receiving security updates on 10 Jan. 2019.How do I activate PHP 7.1?PHP 7.1 is enabled by default on all hosting plans. Only clients that set their domain to PHP 5.6 manually need to adjust their ... En savoir plus »

25 avril 2019
Default php max_execution_time increased

The default php max_execution_time was set to 30 seconds for all hosting plans. This value determines how long a script can run before it is killed off by the server. On our fast servers 30 seconds is usually plenty, however in some cases such as large database imports more time could be required. Support has the ability to override this setting ... En savoir plus »

26 mars 2019
Clients are now able to unblock ip bans

Starting march 2019 client have the ability to unblock banned ip adresses from failed login attempts.

How to unblock
If you end up on the server ip ban list then all you have to do is simply visit your own website, or webmail. The blacklist notification page that is displayed will now include a link that will allow you to unblock your IP.

25 mars 2019