We have changed the way we register domain to make it possible for clients to create a combined invoice for all their domains.

How does this work?

  • We invoice the domain 30 days before the 'real' expiry date
  • We create invoices 14 days before the due date
  • In total this means a customer will have about 6 weeks to pay their invoice
  • As soon as we receive payment we will renew the domain
  • If we do not receive payment we will no longer renew the domain
  • When a domain is not paid within the 30 days margin a domain will enter grace or redemption state
  • During redemption state a domain can be reactivated. An additional fee enforced by the registry will apply. The fee is different for each TLD.
  • If a domain stays in redemption for too long it will be deleted and become available for registration

How do I create a combined invoice for my domains?

We will update this post later.

lundi, octobre 7, 2019

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