Dec 8th Forward domains for free with Domain Pointers

Domain Pointers: Many of our business customers also register various domains in addition to their website. These domains do not always require a new website. Sometimes it is for a future project or very useful for marketing purposes. The aim can also be protection of the company name. That is not surprising, because if a competitor or other ... Read More »

Dec 1st 30% December discount for Comodo Domain Validation SSL

This year we have another nice end-of-year campaign. We give 30% discount on SSL certificates from Comodo. You can order as many certificates as you wish! Do you already have a Comodo DV certificate that is due for renewal soon and would you like to take advantage of this promotion? No problem, you may terminate the existing certificate and take ... Read More »

Nov 28th Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates at Hostdeko

Het is zo ver: vanaf deze maand kunnen klanten van Hostdeko gratis SSL certificaten aanvragen. Hostdeko was er vroeg bij, het laatste kwartaal van 2016 is hier al mee gexperimenteerd. Op dat moment was er echter weinig animo. Ondertussen is SSL behoorlijk ingeburgerd en een stuk volwassener. De gratis certificaten zijn dus weer terug en deze keer ... Read More »