Ipv6 support finalized

Our cloud servers now support IPv6. Our own and our pro servers were already upgraded to support IPv6 earlier this year.

27th Apr 2019
New invoice numbers and combined invoicing

We have improved our invoicing systems. From now on a six-figure number is used in our invoices. This allows accounting software to more easily recognize our invoices. New hosting plans will always be invoiced on the first of the month. This benefits customers with multiple hosting plans as invoices will automatically be combined into a single ... Read More »

26th Apr 2019
More speed with PHP 7.1 support

All pro servers are now equipped with PHP 7.1 support. PHP 7.1 is a bit faster then its predecessor. PHP 7.0 is declared end-of-life and stopped receiving security updates on 10 Jan. 2019.How do I activate PHP 7.1?PHP 7.1 is enabled by default on all hosting plans. Only clients that set their domain to PHP 5.6 manually need to adjust their ... Read More »

25th Apr 2019