Tonight MyHostdeko was moved to a new server.

Why are we moving MyHostdeko
MyHostdeko system was runnign on extra fast cpu's combined with SSHD storage technology. The SSHD storage technology combines the slower hard disk drives with the fast SSD technology to cache the most used files. After a year of testing we noticed that the faster processors were unable to compensate for the loss of speed caused by the SSHD technology. Therefore Myhostdeko will shift to 100% SSD technology, like other hostdeko servers.

How does this change impact me?
MyHostdeko will be much more responsive. Additionally we tackled a little problem that caused mails send from MyHostdeko to a client's outlook/hotmail/live to end up in the spam folder

If you are having trouble navigating through MyHostdeko after this change then please try "In-Private" browsing. If this helps then you will need to clear your browser cache.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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