During the maintenance of 29th December 2016 changes to our spam fighting tools have been implemented
  • New version mail server
  • New version SpamBlocker
  • SpamAssasin is now enabled by default for all new domains
  • SpamAssasin will now be updated daily
  • RBL blocking is enabled, this will block known spammers
  • Easy Spam Fighter is enabled, this is a more strict version than SpamAssasin.
  • BlockCracking is enabled, this will prevent our clients from sending spam
These changes have already been applied to your hosting plans and no extra charges will be applied.

Premium spam filtering

During 2017 we will provide the oppertunity to purchase a subscription to a premium spam filtering firewall. This service uses data of billions of mails send daily around the globe. Additionally every mail is scanned for virusses.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

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